Cryo Wave

  • combination of the effects of Cryo Jett & Shock Jett devices
  • suitable for professional medical or cosmetic treatment
  • results backed by clinical study


  • Cryoelectrophoresis 
    • noninvasive method in which are the active ingredients supplied into the skin layers by pulsating stream
    • allows to transport 80 % – 90 % of theactive substances into deeper layers of the skin
    • used in treatment of:
      • wrinkles
      • acne
      • irregular pigmentation
      • rosacea (skin disease)
      • sensitive skin
      • cellulite
      • striae
      • fat pads
      • loose skin
      • dehydrated skin
  • Thermocryolipide
    • gentle method, used in the treatment  of unwanted units in the human body, body shaping and reduction of unwanted fat
    • this method adapts to an optimum temperature at which the metabolic processes and chemical reactions are ongoing in the cells and therefore ensures maximum efficiency
    • a single application leads to permanent loss of 25-30% of fat cells
  • Shock Jett
    • device which is producing radial shock waves
    • radial shock waves arise due to kinetic energy, which is later converted into sound energy (in the moment, when the projectile hits the transmitter of shocks)
    • sound pulse is transferred into the targeted tissue where is significantly being decomposed, and leads to the therapeutic effect

Suitable for the abdomen, hips, buttocks, thighs, waist but also arms or other problematic areas.

Treatment is suited for:

  • Treatment of cellulite in the thighs, abdomen, hips and buttocks
  • Treatment of lymphatic congestion
  • Treatment of muscle weakness and connective ligaments
  • Treatment of muscle irregularities after liposuction
  • Treatment of striae

For better understanding of the CryoWave method, please, dowload our brochure.


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