JETT Thermo Wave

  • efective and gentle method of cryo-electrophoresis and Thermocryolipide method
  • noninvasive lipolysis by freezing fat cells
  • suitable also for skin treatment & skin rejuvenation


Cryoelectrophoresis – noninvasive method, in which the active ingredients are supplied into the skin layers through a pulsating current. It allows to transport 80% – 90% of active substances into the deeper layers of skin. Successfully used in the treatment of wrinkles, acne, irregular pigmentation, rosacea (a skin disease), sensitive skin, cellulite, stretch marks, fat deposits, loose skin and dehydrated skin.

Thermocryolipide – gentle method used in the treatment of unwanted units in the human body, body shaping and reduction of unwanted fat. The method adapts to an optimum temperature at which the metabolic processes and chemical reactions in the cells are ongoing and thus ensuring maximum effectiveness. In specific cases, it may utilize heat and cold to the cells of human body. A single application leads to permanent loss of 25-30% of the fat cells.

Results of the Thermocryolipide method are comparable with conventional liposuction.

Treatment is  suitable for:

  • non-injection mesotherapy
  • bust lifting
  • face and body lifting
  • reduction of the fat layer
  • body shaping
  • after-laser care (Fraxel, MTS, IPL)
  • toning and improving skin texture
  • skin treatment with Vitamin C
  • scalp treatment


  • pregnancy and lactation
  • epilepsy
  • cancer
  • heart and kidney disease
  • diabetes
  • infectious diseases
  • patients with pacemakers
  • atopic eczema
  • problems with body temperature regulation

Package contents:

  • Cryo Jett device
  • 5 heads (4 for the body, 1 on the face)
  • 2 textile strips for  fastening the heads to the body)
  • grounding cable to electrostimulation
  • 9 rubber electrodes
  • 9 adhesive electrrodes
  • coolant
  • funnel with  tube
  • power supply cable
  • gel, fixing spray, essences
  • operating manual

More information about the JETT Thermo Wave device can be downloaded here.

Before and after photos can be downloaded here.

See the treatment with JETT Thermo Wave in our video:

Products suitable for the treatment with JETT Thermo Wave device:

JETT Thermo Wave  device achieves the best effect when combined with the ShockJett device.


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